5 OTT lip colours to try this summer
These are the shades you can count on to make a statement this summer, no matter your skin colour and wardrobe.
Published 05 January

When it comes to the latest trends in lip colours, tongues are wagging. And so they should be – bright, bold colours have taken over the world of make-up, and they’re as eye-catching as they are suited to your summer look.

From the red carpet to the catwalks, these OTT colours have now entered the mainstream, just in time for the Australian summer. Brown is so 2016 (good riddance) – here are the five most vivacious and exciting lip colours for you to try this summer. Looking for lip-spiration for your Christmas shopping list? Look no further.

1. Electric orange

As far as statement-making goes, electric orange will be sure to turn heads this summer. This shade was seen on the runway this year thanks to Versus Versace, Mary Katrantzou and Jason Wu, but we reckon it’ll work even better beneath the blazing Australian sun on a hazy 30-degree day.

Orange can be tough to pull off if you’re fair-skinned, but people with warmer-toned skin will be rewarded. Perhaps wait until the summer tan comes through, or if you’ve got a darker complexion already, you’ll be set to go – try matching it with black for a classy evening look. 

Our pick: Rimmel Lasting Finish from PricelineWoodgrove Chemmart Pharmacy or Kmart.


2. Crimson

Bold shades of red, like crimson, might be thought of as traditional or formal lip colours, but we reckon it’s time for crimson to come out and play during the day. It’s dramatic and flattering no matter your skin colour – there’s a shade for everyone, and red lips have a habit of brightening your other facial features, too.

Crimson also pairs nicely with gold and bronze shades, making it a particularly versatile and attention-getting summer selection.

Our pick: Gigi Hadid Matte Lipstick from Priceline


3. Plum

It doesn’t get much more alluring and moody than a deep plum – and summer is all about big personality, so this ticks all our OTT boxes. A matte style works perfectly in plum, whether you’re stepping out on date night or going for an adventurous Christmas party look. 

Double up by choosing a plum blush and smoky eyes for added impact.

Our pick: Gigi Hadid Matte Lipstick from Priceline


4. Hot pink

Perfect for feeling tropical this summer, a hot pink lipstick will transport you straight to the equator. This might not be your everyday look, but as far as injecting some action into your summer goes, hot pink is your best friend. Plus, it’s huge this season and is just asking to be paired with a brightly-hued flower crown.

Ever worried you can’t pull it off? Toss your anxieties aside, because pink works with many a skin tone – if cool, muted colours are more you just make sure you avoid orange-y undertones, and stick to blue and green undertones. Go on, give it a go – that’s what this time of year is for.

Our pick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick from PricelineWoodgrove Chemmart Pharmacy or Kmart.


5. Two-tone brights

One word: woah! Two-tone lipstick had a moment in the spotlight at the start of this decade, and now we’re ready to revisit it. A nod to the colour blocking trend that’s proven so pervasive in fashion and design circles, two-tone brights – a slightly darker colour on top, complemented by a bright on the bottom – are OTT, but only in name.

Truth be told, this is one lip colour trend we’re betting will last long after the summer is gone. It’s a striking look, but a dependable one, with just the right amount of fearlessness for the season.

Our pick: Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lips  Lipstick from PricelineWoodgrove Chemmart Pharmacy or Kmart.


For all your summer-friendly lip colours, plus expert advice on going OTT, visit Priceline or Woodgrove Chemmart Pharmacy.