how to flat lay like a boss
We get some tips from a leading fashion blogger on making your flat lay photos stand out. Show off your outfit with these handy techniques.
Published 05 January

Everyone loves a good flat lay pic – they’re simple, striking and chic. But while celebs and fashion brands make flat lays seem super easy, composing a good one is definitely a craft. So what’s the key to taking a great flat lay shot? With the help of fashion blogger Kristy Cross (AKA A Girl Obsessed) we’ve put together five tips for a flat lay that’ll boost your followers and have everyone in Melton wanting more.

1. Use a basic backdrop

Whether you’re showing off your recent purchases, an outfit you’ve just put together, or the ingredients for your favourite summer salad, you want the individual items to be the focal point. Patterns and layers will be too distracting and make the photo look cluttered. Kristy suggests “a white piece of cardboard or neutral bed sheet”, but a block colour like orange or hot pink can also look good. Depending on your theme you can even use timber floorboards or a nice table but steer away from anything too dark.


2. Find your light

Light is one of the most important elements in photography – in fact, it might be the most important element. When you’re shooting at home, natural light is your friend. Kristy advises shooting “in the morning, either outside or near a window”. You want to avoid direct sunlight – it’ll be too harsh – and try to get light coming in from the back of the shot


3. Stay on message

Kristy recommends flipping your process and starting with the caption. Think about what you’re trying to communicate and write it down. Are you showing off your race day ensemble? Unveiling your summer look? Sharing some new additions to your make up collection? Whatever your purpose, choose objects that fit your theme. Feel free to experiment with things like flowers, ribbons and fabrics but make sure they’re relevant. A rogue item in your flat lay will confuse people and detract from the purpose of your post.


4. Use height

If you have a step ladder at home, use it. You need to get above your flat lay objects to avoid the awkward angles that come from standing on your tip toes. To get a pro quality shot, pop into JB Hi-Fi and pick up a camera stand. A camera stand will eliminate the chance of shaky hands and allow you to position everything perfectly.


5. Embrace white space


Don’t be afraid of negative space and don’t crowd your frame. It’s best to arrange your items into a square and give them breathing room. Allow the background to poke through and frame each object. “Arrange everything carefully so that your audience can see and identify each item in the shot,” says Kristy. White space will help you take a clean, and visually satisfying image #thingsorganisedneatly.


6. Less is more

Before you shoot, try taking on object out of your flat lay. Kristy says experimentation is key: “You can always remove objects that don’t fit the theme or frame.” You won’t get the perfect shot first go, so take your time and take lots of pics. It might take a while but you’ll know the right photo when you see it!

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