It Takes Two: upsized treats to share at Woodgrove
Pancake stacks and giant sundaes to dig into.
Published 09 May

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to indulge in more than your fair share of dessert. Split a sundae with mum or call a family gathering over chocolate pizza and hot mugs of cocoa – desserts are made for sharing after all. Here are six of the most shareable sweet menu items to set a date for.

Chocolate Pizza - Max Brenner


Warning: this isn’t your average pizza. Max Brenner’s over-the-top chocolate pizza reaches new heights, building on a bed of melted chocolate, brownie chunks and Belgian waffles. It’s then topped with marshmallows, four scoops of ice cream and a generous serving of whipped cream and sprinkles. You’ll need all the help you can get to tackle this one.

Boss Hog Rocky Road Sundae to Share - Hog's Breath Cafe


Grab a shovel and dig into this monstrous sundae which features eight scoops of ice cream on top of warm chocolate mud cake. Dressed to kill with chocolate fudge sauce, marshmallows, whipped cream, toasted coconut and two chocolate wafers, this is the sundae to end all sundaes.

Premium Frappes - Mrs Fields


Slurp down your favourite dessert in drink form with Mrs Fields’ premium frappes. You can customize your own flavour by choosing from two of your favourite Mrs. Fields’ soft baked cookies or brownies. There’s also the choice to overload on the cocoa with The Real Chocolate Blitz flavour. And just for good measure, each drink is drizzled with lashings of chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream.

Pancakes - Degani


These pretty pancakes are both a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. Degani’s buttermilk pancakes come topped with maple syrup, ice cream plus your choice of berry compote or fresh strawberries. If you and your dining companion need a slightly lighter option, but a sugar hit all the same, look no further.

French Toast with Maple Glazed Peaches - The Coffee Club


There’s nothing wrong with eating ice cream for breakfast every now and again. However, if you are feeling guilty about sneaking a scoop first thing in the morning, you can cushion the fall with some accompanying slices of French toast. The Coffee Club’s slices are super thick and finished with a generous amount of maple syrup, ice cream, peaches and powdered sugar.

Mother's Break Muffin - Muffin Break


Got an afternoon tea date with mum and grandma? Swing by Muffin Break for the Mother’s Day Muffin – a fluffy, raspberry muffin topped with pink buttercream icing and an edible blue daisy. Team it with a steaming hot chocolate and you’ve got yourself the ideal afternoon pick-me-up.

Prefer a night in instead? Treat yourself to some coconut macaroons from Aldi, or a range of cookies and cakes from Ferguson Plarre, Bon Bons Bakery, Blax Coffee, Sandrock Cafe, Coles and Woolworths,