Surviving the EOFY Sales
Get a game plan and bag yourself some bargains.
Published 25 June

Bagging bargains at the end of financial year sales can be both thrilling and satisfying, but the process is not without its challenges. If you want to come out of it with more than an ill-fitting sweater and a mild sense of anxiety, it pays to have a game plan.

Ready to shop? Here are our top tips on surviving and cleaning up at the sales.


Make a Wish-list

Before you actually venture out of the house, make a list of things you need (or want,of course) so that you know where to head. It’s one thing to have the time to peruse the shops at leisure but chasing down wish-list items during your lunch break demands a plan of action; knowing where you’re going (and for what) is key.


Keep it Comfy

You can clock up some serious mileage getting around the centre, and if you’re on a mission, getting a blister is the last thing you want. Rule number one: keep your feet happy while you’re hunting the sales by wearing comfortable shoes. And if you’re planning on trying things on, avoid wearing layers: it’ll only slow you down. Remember, choose function over form when shopping on a mission.


Stay Hydrated

OK, so this one might sound a bit absurd, but you know that nagging headache you usually get after a shopping spree? There’s a good chance that’s because you haven’t had a drop of water since leaving the house. Your body doesn’t know you’re at the shops and not at the gym; it’s just trying to remind you to replenish lost fluids. So when the feeling hits, make a beeline for your favourite in-centre café to hit the waters (and coffee and cake). Go ahead and treat yourself.


Patience Pays

Shopping the sales can be overwhelming, and people can become short-tempered trying to bag a bargain. Spare a thought for the retail staff who haven’t had a break, are just as exhausted as you, and have already been asked the same question six times today. Remember: being patient and kind to hard-working retail staff equals good karma.


Think of the Children

Or the husband, wife, or anyone else you might need to be buying for. Flick through your calendar and see if there are any birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers etc. coming up and sort your gift now for a cut-price bargain. Just be sure to keep the receipts in case they want to exchange it. That goes for all of your purchases, too.

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