Where to eat when eatings tricky
Where to eat when eatings tricky
Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free, we’ve got you covered.
Published 05 June

Sweet potato wedges or regular chips – Nando’s (Vegetarian)

Nothing beats sharing a big bowl of chippies doused with Peri-Peri salt or sauce.

House nachos – Degani’s (Vegetarian)

Home-made salsa, tasty cheese, sour cream and guacamole are piled high on top of corn chips at Degani’s.

French toast with maple syrup – Degani’s (Vegetarian)

While the French toast is technically a breakfast item, it’s available here all day until 4pm. Because it’s always a good time for toast.

Beer-battered onion rings – Hog’s Breath (Vegetarian)

Good luck resisting Hog’s Breath’s crispy, fresh-out-of-the-fryer rings. These golden circles of joy will go down a treat when you’re feeling peckish.

Chips – Schnitz (Vegan)

These completely vegan chips are thick, super crispy and well-seasoned. If you like beer-battered chips, go for these.

Muffins – Muffin Break (Gluten-free and dairy-free options)

Whether you’re a double choc kind of person, a banana and berry lover or somewhere in between, Muffin Break has options aplenty for those with gluten or dairy intolerances.

Smoothies – Boost Juice (Gluten-free and dairy-free options) 

Most of the popular Boost flavours such as the All Berry Bang, Mango Magic and Banana Buzz are gluten free, while others such as the Berry Crush, Mango Tango and Watermelon Crush come dairy free. As always, be aware that traces of gluten, nuts and dairy can be present. Check out the complete list of allergens here 

Long gone are the days where dining out as a vegetarian promised little more than a plate of limp lettuce leaves and a few slices of tomato. Nowadays, not only is there a plethora of delicious vegetarian meals out there, there are also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free options that certainly don’t cut any corners when it comes to flavour. Here’s where to find what it all at Woodgrove. Remember, if you are allergic to specific ingredients, always make your allergy known to staff. 



Sushi – Sushi Sushi, Sushi Gyutaro (Vegetarian, gluten, dairy, and egg-free options)

With a vegan, gluten-free base of rice and seaweed, sushi is an easy choice for tricky dietary requirements. Fresh vegetable options such as avocado, tofu inari and cucumber will tick all the boxes (vegan and gluten free), and it’s also easy to eat purely gluten free with uncoated meats such as tuna, salmon or chicken. Steer clear of battered meats, soy sauce and packet wasabi as these can contain gluten.

Vegetarian schnitzel – Schnitz (Vegetarian, vegan options)

Schnitz’s vegetarian schnitzel is crumbed and pan fried to crispy golden perfection. If you’re looking for the vegan version, get the same schnitzel with a salad, but ask for no crumbing or bread (these both contain milk and egg products). 

Customisable salads and sandwiches – Healthy Habits (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and egg-free options)

Choice is your friend at Healthy Habits. The comprehensive salad bar gives you the power to choose exactly what goes into your meal, whether you’re after leafy greens, or a vegetable-packed wrap. 

Grilled vegetable focaccia – Sandrock Café (Vegetarian)

Sandrock’s quick and easy lunch option features a medley of grilled zucchini, red capsicums and eggplants plus a delicious layer of melted cheese. If you’re looking to vegan-ise it, just hold the cheese. 



Crispy schnitzel burger – Hog’s Breath (Vegan)

Yes you read that right, this steakhouse favourite has done vegans a solid by offering a vegan schnitzel burger. The schnitzel is sandwiched between a Turkish bun, smeared with guacamole, stacked with juicy lettuce, tomato, beetroot and drizzled with a special Byron Bay sauce. Like the rest of the Hog’s Breath menu, it promises to fill you up.

Italian favourites – La Porchetta (Vegetarian, gluten-free options)

Vegetarians can choose from veggie pizzas, a classic penne Napoletana, gnocchi, cannelloni or roasted pumpkin risotto. Both the smoked salmon salad and pan-fried salmon fillet are gluten free, while pizza bases and pastas can be made gluten free upon request.

Flame grilled chicken – Nando’s (Nut, gluten and lactose-free options) 

Most of Nando’s flame grilled chicken on its own is suitable for people with nut, lactose and gluten allergies. However, Nando’s breads, sauces and dips contain all of the above, so steer clear of these and opt for a fresh side salad instead. 

Chinese specialties – Red Lantern (Vegetarian and vegan options)

The staff at Red Lantern are happy to cater to vegan and vegetarian needs, swapping out meat and dairy where requested. Some of your options here include noodle soups, laksa, roti, spring rolls and fried rice.

Indian delights – Ginger Club (Vegetarian options)

You’re spoiled for choice at Ginger Club with over 10 vegetarian dishes on offer (and that’s not even counting the snacks). From North Indian chick pea curries to creamy Malai Kofta (potato and cottage cheese balls in korma sauce), Ginger Club’s warming dishes will comfort you through the winter. 

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