How to keep the kids entertained at home these school holidays
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What to do when you feel like you’ve done it all.
Published 06 July

So you’ve made your way through the school holiday checklist – taken the kids to the movies, gone out to local events, dropped them off at friends’ places, let them run wild at the park, but what now? There’s only so many hours of nattering on about Beyblades and Peppa Pig a parent can handle before it all gets too much. If you find yourself in this situation, get inspired with our school holiday suggestions below.

Break out the craft box

The young’uns might be part of a technology-obsessed generation, but tangible experiences courtesy of the home craft box can still suck them in for hours – provided you set them up with an interesting task.

Here are simple projects to try:
- origami
- slime –  easily made from household ingredients.
- decorating school stationery
- pom-poms 
- pom-pom catapult 
- pre-made craft sets – Kmart has a number of craft packs where kids can paint their own cushions or plaster toys

You can find your crafting needs at Kmart, Big W, The Reject Shop, Typo and Smiggle.

Get cooking

Cooking with the kids can get a little messy, but it’s a great way to get them interested in making their own meals in the future. Cookies are an easy option – roll the dough, grab a few cookie cutters and set them up with a cookie making station. Making bread-based pizzas is another one. Slice some bread, ready an assortment of toppings and let the kids do the rest. Who knows, you might have a tiny chef in the making.

A wide array of baking and kitchen tools are available at ZOES Kitchen, Kmart and Big W.


Bury their noses in books

Don’t be afraid to nurse the bookworm inside of them. If your child finds a compelling book to get stuck into over the school holidays, you might have more than a day of complete serenity on your hands. Some of the top young adult sellers right now include:

- Cloud and Wallfish, a story of an American boy forced to move to East Berlin in 1989;

- The Maze Runner series, dystopic novels that explore what happens when Earth is devastated by solar flares;

- Under the Lights, an emotional drama of three teenagers navigating the trials of growing up and falling in love.

Find the best kids’ titles at QBD The Bookshop.


Introduce them to gardening

Not just for the oldies, starting a herb and vegetable garden in the backyard is hugely satisfying for everyone involved. Get their hands dirty by tasking kids with planting new seedlings and watering the plants daily. The process will not only teach them to value how food is grown but is guaranteed to put a big smile on their faces come harvest time.

Get your gardening goods at Big W and Kmart.

Toy time

This may be the costliest solution, but if you’re willing to invest in a new toy, there’s plenty of options around. Sphero balls will keep them entertained for hours. The new Sphero Mini is an app-enabled robotic ball that kids can control using their facial expressions (yes, really) through a smart-phone/tablet app. Users can navigate the Sphero mini through obstacle courses or use it as a controller to play mini games on their device. A new set of Lego, puzzles, or a remote control car will also get the brain juices flowing.

Find a huge range of toys at JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, Kmart and Big W.

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