Your guide to achieving the perfect shave
Top tips for the polished man.
Published 19 July

Who doesn’t want to experience a smoother, more enjoyable shave? If you’re tired of razor burn and ingrown hairs on your face, it’s time to take a step back and reconsider your shaving methods.

Invest in the tools of the trade

Using good quality tools will really improve your shave. A double-edge razor is an indispensable grooming tool, along with a good quality shave brush and a shaving cream that’s designed to be used with a brush (cheap shaving foams tend to dry out the skin). Applying the cream with a brush also exfoliates the skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t forget a soothing post-shave balm. Avoid alcohol-based splashes and choose something gentle that’s designed to support the skin.

The best time to shave

Try shaving straight after a shower. When men’s facial hair is dry, it’s as tough to cut as copper wire, but when it’s wet, it’s relatively easy to cut. Always use a sharp blade and shave with the grain, not against it.

Take control

If you really want to have a lot of control over your shave and you’re willing to learn a new skill, take a look at the double-edge razor; it’s a great tool for anyone that suffers from irritation or ingrown hairs as a result of shaving.

Avoiding irritation

If razor burn and ingrown hairs are a problem, try switching to a double-edge razor (also known as a safety razor) or straight cut-throat razor. This will usually make a huge difference. The most common shaving problems are generally caused by multi- blade razors which drag the blade over the same section of skin multiple times in one swipe, leaving the skin more sensitive. And always finish each shave with a good moisturising aftershave balm – it’s an absolute essential. 

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