Get Ready for a Spring Clean
Get Ready for a Spring Clean
It's time to clean, declutter and organise your home - here's how.
Published 28 August

With spring just around the corner, now’s the time to clean up, pack away and get tough on anything that’s adding clutter to your home. The act of decluttering the home can benefit us in many ways, including boosting confidence, decreasing anxiety and promoting more harmonious relationships with our family. Ready to get cracking? We’ve put together an easy spring clean checklist to get your home decluttered and feeling fresh.

Before you start

Begin with a plan so you know what you want to accomplish. If you’re roping the whole family into a spring clean, write a checklist for each room to make it easier to delegate chores. You’ll know exactly what you need to do at a glance.

Start by decluttering

As the weather hints at warmer days, your wardrobe will probably be the first thing that needs pruning. But don’t stop there. This is a good time to take an inventory of all your possessions: we’ve all got plenty of things we don’t use or need. Organisation guru Marie Kondo suggests only keeping items that “spark joy”, which leaves us thinking, do we really need that broken Tupperware container?

Whistle while you work

Throw on your favourite playlist and the spring clean suddenly becomes a rock concert. The broom handle microphone and duster guitar will definitely boost your enthusiasm and add a sense of fun to the task. Alternatively, chuck on your favourite podcast or audio book and be swept away by stories while you’re sweeping away the mess.


Fridge and freezer – empty all contents and throw out any old produce. Wipe down all surfaces with hot soapy water and wipe dry (internal and external), removing any drawers and shelves to clean properly.

Pantry – empty all contents and get rid of any old, spoiled or unused produce. Wipe down all surfaces with hot soapy water, wipe dry and place any open packages into airtight containers, labelling where possible. Reorganise, placing commonly used items at eye level, and less commonly used items (i.e. baking ingredients) on lower or higher shelves.

Drawers – empty, clean, and organise.

Tupperware cupboard – pair up lids with bottoms and stack accordingly. Throw out any odd, mismatched or worn-out pieces – they’re only adding clutter. Consider investing in a new set of food storage containers from the same range so that you can recognise them easily and save time scrambling around for a match.

Oven and stovetop – clean and degrease inside and out; wash any removable parts. 

Range-hood – clean and degrease. 

Before throwing anything out – including canned food – check to see whether it can be donated to a local charity in your area.


Bedding – now’s the time to send your heavy winter quilts and blankets to the dry cleaner and store them away until next winter. Consider purchasing a vacuum sealer to keep pests out and save on cupboard space.
Mattress – be sure to rotate and flip mattresses, if necessary. Now’s also the time to launder any underlays or mattress protectors to keep things extra fresh.
Wardrobe – declutter by sorting clothing into three piles: ‘keep’, ‘donate’, or ‘put in storage’ and deal with each accordingly. And if there’s a ‘repair’ or ‘chuck out’ pile (for dodgy zippers and holy socks), even better. You’ll be amazed at how much new cupboard space – and headspace – you can earn yourself.

Living Room

Lounge – launder any cushion covers, blankets and throw pillows; steam-clean sofas and floor rugs; dust and vacuum under and behind any large furniture if it’s been a while.

Books, magazines and newspapers – if these are piling up, consider making a ‘keep’ and ‘donate’ pile. Call your local school, doctor or dentist’s office to see if they might like your old magazines, the rest can be donated to the op shop.


Attack your tech

Since everything else is getting the once-over, why not clean up your PC and smart devices too?

Take time now to organise your personal and work documents, clean up your desktop and delete old emails. Sort out bookmarks, organise your music and movie collection, and delete anything taking up precious hard drive space. Once your tech is organised, make a couple of backups on external hard drives or flash sticks and label them accordingly.

Guilty of having power boards full of tangled cables in plain sight? Consider finding ways to detangle, tidy and keep cords out of view. Bulldog clips are one way to achieving peak cord management (trust us, just Google it).

Sure, the annual spring clean might feel overwhelming to begin with, but you don’t have to finish the entire home in one day. Take it room by room or divide jobs into manageable tasks and delegate to family members. Once you’re done, pop some fresh flowers in a vase, light a scented candle and sit back and enjoy the immense sense of satisfaction that comes with a clean, clutter-free home.