Winter Warmers
Winter Warmers
The ultimate comfort foods to thaw you out.
Published 03 August

Curry Laksa – Nanjing Road Chinese Cuisine

The natural antidote to cold weather? Spice! Try Nanjing Road’s curry laksa for a blast of heat. Laksa is a popular Malaysian noodle soup dish with a coconut milk-based broth and satisfyingly thick egg noodles. Nanjing Road’s version comes with a wholesome assortment of chicken and vegetables on top.

Butternut pumpkin pasta – Degani Bakery Cafe

Don’t let the cold weather get you down – allow the deliciousness of creamy pasta soothe your soul at Degani. Topped with pan fried pumpkin and spinach, this hearty bowl is more than just a carby comfort, it’s 100 percent vegetarian friendly too.

Beef or chicken pho – Pho Delight

Settle in for a steaming hot bowl of pho at Pho Delight, where rice noodles are paired with your choice of beef, chicken, roast pork fillet or indulgent roast pork belly. If there’s one sure-fire cure for the sniffles, it’s fragrant pho broth, cooked for hours and loaded with health-giving herbs and spices.

Thali – Ginger Club

Whether spicy or mild, Indian curries are always a great choice when the temperature drops. Ginger Club’s lunchtime thali (a selection of small dishes served on a platter), teams your choice of three curries with rice, salad, pickles and raita (a refreshing yoghurt-based sauce). Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.

Si Señor – Schnitz

Add some fire to your lunchtime schnitzel with this spicy crumbed version – topped with avo, lettuce and jalapenos for an extra kick. Nothing like a bit of protein to poweryou through the last stretch of winter.

Miso soup – Sushi Gyutaro

A quick and easy snack or a warming end to your meal – miso soup is a deliciously light Japanese staple that always feels like it’s doing you good. Made from fermented soybeans, miso is rich in vitamin B, E and K, and great for gut health.

Sizzling Mongolian Beef – Red Lantern

Food doesn’t get much hotter than when it’s served on a sizzling hot plate – and nothing quite beats being the centre of sizzling attention when it’s delivered to your table. Red Lantern’s version of the well-loved classic goes down a treat with a side of Chinese greens and a bowl of steamed rice.

Chorizo, tomato and basil omelette – The Coffee Club

Want to spice up your next breakfast out? Level up your regular order with a side of spicy chorizo sausage. Distinctively aromatic, the smoky and salty Spanish sausage is a hit with breakfast eggs.

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