Spring Fitness
The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer, and the great outdoors are beckoning for some serious active time. Keen to get fit close to home? We’ve found four of the best ways to pump it out, right here in Melton.
Published 03 October

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It’s springtime, which means beach weather really isn’t that far away. As winter fades and temperatures rise, it makes perfect sense to up your fitness game – plus, doing it in the great outdoors gives you a chance to detach from your screen, fill up on fresh air and embrace the great outdoors. 

The good news is, you don’t have to go too far to get your fix with so many local gems right on our doorstep. Ready to get out and amongst it? Here, we share some of our favourite places to get fit in and around Melton this spring.


Strut it Out

The importance of walking is now widely recognised by health professionals. The aim is to get to 10,000 steps a day, but if you (like most people) find that tricky to stick to, then a regular brisk walk can do just as well. A study by Dr Michael Mosley has shown that three “brisk” walks of around 10 minutes each can provide the same health benefits as a longer one.

A perfect local place to get your steps up is the Toolern Creek Trail. The trail is fairly level, with gentle inclines that make it perfect for prams, jogging, cycling or walking the dog. Want to start tracking those steps? JB Hi-Fi has a wide range of wearables that will keep you moving and motivated to keep it up.


Canine Companionship

Walking is cheap and easy to do, but you know what? It’s made a million times more fun when you do it with a furry friend. Dogs really are the perfect walking partners. Firstly, they never have appointments or jobs to rush off to, so they’re always available. Secondly, bad weather won’t deter them, plus they’re always up for a cuddle or a play along the way. Dogs are forever motivated to get themselves (and you) out of the house, so take advantage of that enthusiasm for a fitness-happiness win-win. 

For a list of dog friendly, off-leash parks in the area, visit the Brimbank City Council website. Activewear up to scratch? Nothing motivates quite like a slick new set of exercise gear, so if it’s time for an upgrade head to Cotton On Body and Sportsco for some serious #fitspo for the whole family.

Going Back to Nature

No dog to walk? No worries – take the family along instead. For some truly spectacular scenery there are few more scenic views in the area than those at Organ Pipes National Park, Keilor North. The key attraction? The Organ Pipes themselves. You’ll find an 800-metre walk that starts at the park visitor centre before heading steeply towards the remarkable million-year-old volcanic rock formations that make for a pretty epic group selfie backdrop.

For more information on the walk, and other things to do in the National Park, see the Parks Victoria website. If a new pair of walking or hiking shoes are on the cards head into Rebel Sport to explore all the latest new season’s options.


Just Add Water

About an hour’s drive from Melton, the wonderfully scenic Turpins Falls is at its best in the springtime, when the waterfall is gushing at full force. The 500-metre walk from the carpark down to the swimming hole and back up is suitably heart-pumping for most, and once you’re there, there’s plenty of space for a refreshing swim if it’s a suitably warm day (just be sure to pack your bathers).

See Parks Victoria for details on the location of Turpins Falls, and for an upgrade on your swimming cossie, take a look at City Chic’s new Swim 18 range.

Side note: there are no toilets or barbecues at Turpins Falls, so be sure to come prepared. It’s a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon so bring your own picnic pack, sunhat and sunscreen – all of which you’ll find at Kmart.