Summer Drinks
6 summer drinks to try today
Published 08 November

As the days get warmer, it’s important to stay hydrated and if you’re looking for a treat, these icy-cold beverages are tough to top. Ranging from ultra-healthy to deliciously indulgent, our top six summer drinks make a great excuse for a refreshing break. 



Taiwanese bubble tea landed with a bang at Woodgrove this month courtesy of the new Chatime kiosk and we’re already obsessed with their limited edition Kiwi Fruity Iced Green Tea. If you normally lean towards a sweetened milky tea with popping pearls, consider this lip-smacking drink packed with antioxidants and vitamin C the perfect introduction to fruitier, more hydrating teas. Research has shown chilled green tea to be an effective fat burner and brain booster, and few fruits say summer quite like the kiwi, so what’s not to love? Once you’ve got a feel for iced tea, try wrapping your tastebuds around Chatime’s classic lemon or frozen mango options.


Iced Coffee

There are few greater joys than taking your coffee on the rocks in summertime and the decadent recipe created at Sandrock Café is hard to beat. Start with freshly brewed espresso in a frozen mason jar, add premium vanilla ice cream and your milk of choice, then top with a mini-mountain of whipped cream and rich chocolate sauce and you’re drinking liquid gold. Chocoholics can go a step further and request their caffeine hit in the form of an iced mocha or simply order an iced chocolate straight up.


Honeycomb Lava Quakeshake

ometimes you just want a dessert and a drink in one, and that’s where this caramel ice-cream creation (topped with chocolate sauce and generous chunks of Cadbury Crunchie) comes in. In addition to being ideal for attracting Instagram envy, this thickshake is the ultimate accompaniment for Donut King’s warm Holey Caramoley Donut or Classic Hotdog. Bound to give you a boost of energy and childhood nostalgia, this sweet and filling refreshment makes our shortlist for its ability to bring a smile.

Tropical Twist Summer Frappe


On a baking hot day, a fruity frappé is the grown-up version of the slushy that you need in your life. Our top pick is Degani’s Tropical Twist Summer Frappé – both for its intensity of flavour and the fact it’s free from things like artificial colouring that you tend to find in bottled soft drinks. The pomegranate and raspberry variation comes a close second, and sometimes it’s hard to resist an old-fashioned spider, but when you want to quench your thirst while reclining like the ruler of some island paradise the frappé is hard to beat.



Wondermelon Crush

Think protein shakes are purely for bodybuilders? Think again. This delicious, crushed-ice smoothie blends fresh watermelon, strawberries and probiotic frozen yoghurt with a generous scoop of whey protein to help you gain strength and feel fuller longer. With a medium-sized cup coming in at less than 200 calories, and a dash of cranberry and acai-derived antioxidants added for good measure, this pink drink is the ultimate post-workout beverage. Leaving the messy business of cutting up a watermelon to the juice experts is a nice bonus. 

Old-school Mandarin Lemonade

It’s safe to say Sprite will never topple traditional lemonade from its place as the taste of summer holidays and this fizzy mandarin-infused recipe from Muffin Break has to be one of our favourite variations. Neither as sour as straight lemon nor as sweet as the raspberry alternative, a glass of this citrussy refreshment goes wonderfully with a slice of Muffin Break’s delicious Passionfruit Tart or Orange and Poppy Seed Loaf.