New Year, New Escape – 2019’s Hottest Travel Destinations
Keen for some post-summer holiday inspo? We chatted to the team at Flight Centre Melton for the lowdown on 2019’s hottest international destinations.
Published 26 February

Keen for some post-summer holiday inspo? To take things off the beaten track we chatted to the team at Flight Centre Melton for the lowdown on 2019’s hottest international destinations. So start packing –you’ll find plenty to inspire with these top travel picks.


Summer holiday vibes worn off and already thinking about your next getaway? If you’re keen for something a little different this year, now’s the time to start planning with Flight Centre Melton. From cherry blossoms and jazz clubs to beach breaks and foodie jaunts, we’ve hunted down some of the travel industry’s hottest tips for 2019.


New Orleans

Set on the Mississippi River, this easy-going US city is a fascinating melting pot of French, African and American cultures. Famous for its vibrant live music scene and ‘round-the-clock nightlife, laid-back New Orleans makes for a soulful alternative to the usual big-city US destinations. Start the day with coffee and beignets (fried doughnuts dusted with sugar) before exploring the city’s atmospheric French Quarter on foot. By night, the city’s famed jazz and blues bars are the place to be.



Keen to go beyond Tokyo and Kyoto? Japan’s third-largest city has much to offer. The Japanese consider Osaka one of the best cities for cherry blossom viewing, so time your visit so that you can witness this annual display of nature at its most spectacular (from late-March to early April). Poll position is the riverside Kema Sakuranomiya Park, where you can stroll amongst over 4000 cherry trees. To relax and unwind Japanese-style, soak in one of the city’s many onsen (hot spas), and when hunger strikes, head to downtown Osaka for street food tour like no other.



This small island city-state is often a stopover for Australians en route to Europe but extra time spent in the Lion City will always reward the curious traveller – especially the foodies. Blending a mix of sleek sky-scrapers, luxe hotels, vibrant street life and colourful colonial-era shophouses, Singapore is a true melting pot and its rich mix of cultures (predominantly Chinese, Indian and Malay) makes for some incredible gastronomic experiences. Hungry? Feast on authentic laksa, chilli crab, chicken rice and more at one of the city’s many hawker centres (open-air food courts).


Sri Lanka

Over the past decade, this tiny island nation off the southern tip of India has developed into a major destination for solo and family travellers alike. Walking through city streets you’ll see faded remnants of Sri Lanka’s colonial era and hints of its Portuguese, English and Dutch influence. Here, you can explore ancient ruins, chill out by the beach (Arugam Bay has great swimming, surfing and yoga), hike in tea plantations or immerse yourself in the unforgettable ambience UNESCO World Heritage listed town Galle, with its beautiful old hotels and grand mansions.



With one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, the Turkish capital makes a fascinating destination for lovers of history, architecture – and food!  Wander the streets and explore the rich history of the waterside city’s wonderful Byzantine and Ottoman past, where buildings of cultural and historic significance abound. Visit the jaw-droppingly beautiful Byzantine-era Aya Sofya, take in the iconic 17th century Blue Mosque, get lost in the sights and smells of the Grand Bazaar and end the day with a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus before feasting on traditional Turkish meze (a spread of small dishes).



If pure white sand and turquoise waters are more your thing, Maldives to your hit list. A country made up of nearly 1200 islands, Maldives has long been considered a glamorous playground for the rich and famous, but the past decade has seen some big changes, with the arrival of affordable guesthouse accommodation and public ferries that make island hopping a cinch on a modest budget. Here, you’ll find some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world, so if you’re keen to explore the wonders of the life aquatic then add Maldives to your bucket list. 


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