Imagination Station
Woodgrove are thrilled to be bringing our weekly Imagination Station activities directly to you at home!
Published 13 July

Each week, you'll discover games and activities to inspire and grow young minds from the comfort of your home. A new activity can be downloaded below every Wednesday, please see this weeks activity below:


Slime Time!

Kids will be able to enjoy hours of slimy fun! 

Download here.


Transform yourself!

Keep the kids entertained and let their creativity run wild with our DIY Animal Mask making. 

Download here.


Friendship Bracelets

Make your bestie the perfect homemade bracelet!

Download here.


Homemade Peg Puppets

Time to put on a puppet show! Colour in kooky characters to put on a show! 

Download here.


Rainbow Craft 

Colour in the perfect Rainbow and help it float in the sky with fluffy cotton balls. 

Download here.


Origami Bookmark

Get creative and make your very own animal origami bookmark.

Download Here


Invisible Ink Message

Create your very own invisible message. What secret message will be discovered?

Download Here


Alphabet Bingo

The perfect game to enjoy with the whole family!

Download Here


Edible Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Discover the 4 stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.

Download Here


Family Time Capsule

Remember those special memories forever!

Download Here



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