The Easy DIY Gift Dad will love this Father's Day
Thank Dad for all the little things with this craft idea
Published 28 August

It’s those simple acts of unconditional love Dad gives his kids every day, from cheering them on from the soccer sideline to making them laugh when they feel like crying, that make the bond they share with their Dad special and unique.

We get so caught up in the busyness of the everyday that sometimes we forget to let Dad know just how much we appreciate all he does for us. Father’s Day is the perfect time for your kids to celebrate all of Dad’s incredible qualities and contributions to their lives.

Of course, Dad is going to love whatever his kids give him on Father’s Day, but deep down, all he wants is a little thanks and appreciation to let him know everything he does doesn’t go unnoticed.

So, this Father’s Day, help your kids make up for lost compliments and tell him exactly how they feel with a handmade Certificate of Appreciation.

We’ve made the template for them - all they need to do is fill in the blanks and let Dad know how much they love and appreciate him. 


Dad Certificate of Appreciation 

Download it here.

Pop it in a photo frame for his office or stick it on the fridge. This is one gift Dad will want to display loud and proud!


The kids can also create their very own Father's Day card. 


DIY Father's Day Card

Download it here.


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