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Invoke the Imagination with these 2021 Winter Fashion Trends
Discover the coolest and cosiest kids' fashion trends for A/W 2021.
Published 01 April

Kids can wear any number of trends, and as brands add colour and texture to keep their young customers happy, this season, kidswear has been elevated. 

Dressing together and bonding through a shared love of colourful clothing is endlessly fun and lets kids express themselves. 

Kids' fashion mirrors the adult trends of any given season but can be a lot more fun - their fashion pieces are often whimsical, colourful and practical, and can come with surprisingly beautiful detail. 

Read on to discover the biggest winter fashion trends in kids' fashion, so your little one can unleash their imagination, play with the latest rends and start to carve out their own style. 


1. Perfectly Practical 

No matter how stylish it is, kidswear needs to be practical, comfortable and age-appropriate. 

That means lots of cosy fabrics like cashmere or practical denim, cotton and linen styles. In 2021, the emphasis is on convenience and comfortability.

Get the look with natural fabrics, soft textures and anything that adds convenience to your kids' clothing, like buttons, easy-access zips and plenty of pockets. 



Cotton On Kids           Spendless Shoes            Cotton On Kids          Spendless Shoes


1. Cotton On Kids

2. Spendless Shoes 

3. Cotton On Kids 

4. Spendless Shoes



2. Raw Elements 

Kids' clothing this year saw a return to those natural fabrics, neutral colour palettes and earthy tones. 

Some kidswear designs also embrace the great outdoors. Get the look with weather-proof jackets in hardy fabrics featuring plenty of pockets to stash treasures found during adventures. 

Invest in durable shoes that can withstand lots of wear and tear, so your little ones can explore the outdoors. Think fun, bright coloured sneakers, chunky boots or hiking boots. 



Cotton On Kids      Ollie's Place      Cotton On Kids


1. Cotton On Kids

2. Ollies Place

3. Cotton On Kids 


3. Matching Dressing 

Dressing as a family can be fun, but for insta-worthy memories, wearing matching outfits is next level.

You can go wild and choose outfits that match exactly, or just pick one element to match, like a plaid shirt and shoes..



Cotton On Kids      Cotton On Kids


1. Cotton On Kids

2. Cotton On Kids



Or, discover more great retailers here to explore more kids' fashion trends for yourself. 

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