Boredom busters
Bring the fun to family time with these at-home boredom busters
Published 05 April

Struggling for ideas on how to keep everyone occupied? Make a day of it with some of these easy at-home games and activities. With a range of options for inside fun, these are just a few ways to keep young minds active and engaged while stuck at home.


Games, puzzles and activities are a great way to stave off the dreaded stay-at-home boredom and get the kids away from screens for a while. They’re also a fantastic way to create a space for quality family time, spark conversation, and of course – have fun!

Weave a fantastical yarn…

Cross Pictionary with charades, then throw in a bit of Balderdash and you’ve got something close to Dixit. Each round, a storyteller yells out a short phrase and each of the other players has to guess which of the game’s 80 beautifullyillustrated, other-worldly cards matches the story in question. Dixit combines storytelling, bluffing, humour and luminous artwork to deliver a perfect board game for three or more people that encourages creativity and imagination and often results in hilarity.


Puzzles – the perfect peacemakers

From the simplest shapes and pictures for younger kids, to table-hogging 1000-piece projects that devour hours, weeks or months, puzzles are a timeless time-killer. A fantastic group activity that does wonders for developing problem-solving skills, puzzles also encourage moments of shared contemplation, quiet time and conversation.

Where’s Wally Puzzle 300 piecesBIG W

“Uno is lots of fun!”

… so says the jingle, and it’s not wrong. Colour matching and counting combine in this classic and raucously social card game for two or more people. The beauty of Uno is how quickly a game can turn on a dime. Who hasn’t been on the very edge of victory only to have it snatched away in the blink of an eye with the old Skip, Skip, Reverse, Draw Four combo? Brutal.


Ready, Set, Yolk!

Bring a Little Athletics favourite home and host your own sports day, complete with a classic egg and spoon race! A perfect one for the Easter holidays, the race can be run in a straight line or with an added degree of difficulty when you set up your very own obstacle course. And relax, there’s no fancy equipment needed here – just enough eggs and spoons for all competitors. To avoid waste (and egg on your face!) we recommend boiling the eggs first.

Bowl a perfect game with this curve-ball idea…

Got some empty plastic bottles and a tennis ball? Well, an at-home bowling tournament could be right up your alley! With a bit of masking tape to mark out the lines, a hallway or any clear floor space can easily become a bowling lane.  The kids will be kingpins in no time with this fun and simple idea that encourages movement and helps build counting skills and hand-eye coordination.

Wilson Triniti 4 Tennis Ball Pack REBEL SPORT


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